UK’s 4G coverage equal to Brazil, India and Russia

UK's 4G coverage equal to Brazil, India and Russia

4G coverage across the UK is now equal to those of much larger countries, including India, Brazil and Russia, according to a recent study.

OpenSignal's recent report on the current state of LTE around the world found approximately 50 per cent of users in the UK have access to 4G services, placing the country in 53rd place out of 68 nations polled.

The data collected comes from hundreds of thousands of OpenSignal users that have 4G-enabled phones and connect to operators with live 4G networks.

The latest report was also mainly compiled from data across the three months between June and August.

South Korea was found to lead the way with 97 per cent of coverage, closed followed by Japan, Hong Kong, and Kuwait.

Meanwhile, the United States holds a respectable 10th position with 78 per cent coverage.

The use of 4G services is largely expected to snowball over the next few years, with more and more companies looking at ways in which to conduct business while on the move, inspired partly by government legislation on flexible working practices.

While some business leaders will be disappointed by the nation's rankings in terms of coverage, there is a little more positivity when it comes to speed, with the UK reaching 6th position out of 68 thanks to a respectable average download speed of 13 Mbps.

That puts a much more optimistic tone on the results, which in contrast ranked the United States 55th, recording an average download speed of 10 Mbps.

Surprisingly, New Zealand was found to be the fastest, clocking in a speed of 36 Mbps.

It means that while coverage may still be an issue in the UK, those lucky enough to benefit from accessing 4G are enjoying some good speeds.