UK workers ignoring security rules for remote access

UK workers ignoring security rules for remote access

Workers in the UK are ignoring security measures put in place to keep the data they access on their mobile devices safe.

According to a poll of German, French and British workers carried out by Imation, German employees are more likely to follow security policies demanded by businesses than their UK and French counterparts.

Just over a third of employees in the UK said they follow their company's security rules, compared to 50 per cent of German respondents.

A major issue appears to be the lack of detailed guidance on security policies for employees, with around half of the staff questioned stating that they had not had any remote access rules imposed or communicated to them.

Imation Mobile Security's Nick Banks said that organisations are putting in the right technology to allow staff to work securely, but these are being ignored by employees.

An area of particular concern emerging from the survey was the use of unsecured Wi-Fi, which a quarter of UK employees admitted to doing, compared to just 14 per cent of French workers and eight per cent of German staff.