UK mobile broadband uptake 2nd highest in Europe

UK mobile broadband uptake 2nd highest in Europe

The level of mobile broadband uptake has been increasingly dramatically in the UK, thanks to improved technology and connectivity.

The UK is currently second in terms of mobile uptake when compared with the big five in Europe, which is made up of the UK, Germany, France, Spain and Italy, according to a report from Ofcom on behalf of the government.

It covered take-up, usage, price and choice of fixed and mobile broadband in the UK.

The Department for Culture, Media and Sport proposed the European Broadband Scorecard, which aims to measure the government's progress towards its ambition to give the UK the best broadband network of all major nations in Europe by 2015

Ofcom found that the UK generally performs well among major European economies when it comes to take-up, usage, price and choice, ranking in the top three out of the five in each category.

The report found that the UK has the same fixed broadband uptake as France and Germany, lies third in the EU5 for superfast broadband coverage, with this reaching 65 per cent of premises in the UK.

Mobile broadband take-up in the UK was second, behind only Spain.

It was also noted that the UK is benefitting greatly from the level of competitiveness in the nation, with a host of firms looking to attract the same businesses to their services, meaning they are keen to perform well and keep prices as low as possible.

The report has been going on for a number of months and since it was begun, the UK's broadband offerings have been improved and operators are currently accelerating fibre roll-out, cable broadband speeds and the government is continuing its programme of superfast deployment in rural areas.

Things are only set to continue improving as the recent Ofcom 4G spectrum auction has now been completed, which will see faster services being provided, leading to increased flexibility and productivity among businesses.