UK is the home of the smartphone, says Vodafone

UK is the home of the smartphone, says Vodafone

Vodafone has claimed that the UK is the "home of the smartphone" after it announced its latest full-year financial results.

The telecommunications company said that it is the most connected country in Europe, with many choosing modern devices so that they can easily keep in touch through social media and carry out business functions with cloud computing.

Because of this connectivity, Vodafone is now targeting data plans as a key growth area, after witnessing a 22 per cent increase in revenue from people connecting to the internet.

Many consumers have turned to applications, such as Skype or Whatsapp to send messages or hold phonecalls, using data rather than message or minute quotas.

Recently, Telefonica announced that it was releasing the TuMe app to combat these rival programmes and help claw back data revenue.

"In the last quarter we saw data revenue rise 5.5 per cent and smartphone penetration hit 44 per cent in the UK. Of these customers, nearly 80 per cent buy big data price plans," Simon Gordon, a spokesperson for Vodafone, told V3.