UK has fastest mobile broadband

UK has fastest mobile broadband

The UK has the fastest mobile broadband speeds in the world, new figures have shown.

Akamai’s State of the Internet report found the average connection speed in the UK is currently 16Mbps, which is the fastest out of the 50 countries and regions around the world that qualified for inclusion in the mobile section of the report.

Closest rival Denmark saw speeds just under half of those recorded in the UK, coming in at 8.8Mbps.

Meanwhile, New Caledonia was found to have the lowest average mobile connection speed, recording just 1Mbps.

The UK's savera peak mobile connection speed was 61.8Mbps, second in Europe to Turkey with 69.1Mbps.

Although the UK was the only country to record an average mobile connection speed above the 10Mbps threshold – enough to be classed as 'high broadband', another 30 countries achieved speeds above the 4Mbps ‘broadband’ level.

The fastest average mobile connection in the Asia Pacific region was 8.3Mbps, recorded in Japan, while unsurprisingly, the United States had the fastest average connection in North America at 3.2Mbps.

Africa's most impressive average was the 3Mbps recorded in Morrocco, while in South America, the fastest connection was Venezuela’s at 6.3Mbps.

Akamai states that it expects speeds to increase as more countries roll out 4G LTE.

Report editor David Belson said: “It has been seven years since Akamai published the first State of the Internet report, and over that time the report has both evolved and improved in significant ways.”

He added that the first installment contained no information on connection speeds but instead focused on broadband adoption. It now offers insights into network outages, broadband connection speeds and mobile connectivity.