UK government hints at exploring 5G

UK government hints at exploring 5G

Despite enjoying network speeds higher than those reached in the United States, the UK's 4G rollout has still managed to lag behind many other nations around the world.

British users once benefitted from the fastest 3G speeds on offer, but now experience a 4G connection of up to 17.3mbps, behind fastest nation Australia, which is currently capable of offering 4G speeds of 24.5mbps.

Yet the UK could soon be at the head of the pack once again, with policymakers hinting at the possibility of mobile networks capable of carrying almost instant “5G” internet access.

According to a report by The Financial Times, the availability of instant internet could help to completely alter the way in which people within society use their mobile phones and computers.

Prime minister David Cameron has already reportedly agreed to help Germany in bolstering work currently underway to help explore the possibility of developing 5G technologies.

Universities from both countries are due to work together, according to Mr Cameron, helping the government reach its goal of doubling the economic benefits of this spectrum to £100 billion by 2025.

The UK government has already released a spectrum strategy, which aims to outline just how 5G services could potentially be carried out by the maximising of blocks of airwaves.

The sale of the 4G spectrum last year managed to raise as much as £2.4 billion for the Treasury and the sale of this latest spectrum to telecoms groups could soon help to create a second  “digital dividend”.

Mr Cameron told a conference in Germany: “We’ll do this by allowing new applications to come online, new kinds of mobile technologies to be used, more data usage to be enjoyed and greater broadcasting services to be made available."

According to the Financial Times, his speech reflects a wider concern that has swept across Europe, relating to reversing the growing gap in mobile technology between them and the rest of the world.