UK broadband Wi-Fi coverage ranked 6th in the world

UK broadband Wi-Fi coverage ranked 6th in the world

Wi-Fi coverage in the UK has been ranked sixth in the world with the top two spots going to Lithuania and Estonia respectively.

Research from Rotten Wi-Fi tested the quality and speed of public hotspots in 184 countries, with Lithuania scooping top spot for the second consecutive year, recording an average speed of 16.1 Mbps having invested heavily in free public wireless access.

Second-placed Estonia recorded an average download speed of 14.8 Mbps while Southeast Asian powerhouse Singapore clocked download speeds of 13.1 Mbps on average.

The UK's speed of 11.7 Mbps meant that it sealed sixth place for a second straight year.

While officials across the UK may see the figures as proof that there is still work to be done in improving the country's Wi-Fi network, the average speed is still ahead of the US, which dropped out of the Top 20 list.

Rotten Wi-Fi co-founder Arturas Jonkus said it was important to identify countries with the best and worst public Wi-Fi networks as it would aid the development of systems and improve the the experience for people travelling around the world, many of whom have become increasingly reliant on Wi-Fi to stay connected and work on the go.

"It has become a tradition to announce the top countries with the best public WiFi. We are thankful for the users of our apps as they keep testing public WiFi and sharing it with others. We believe this will help to improve public WiFi services worldwide,” he said.