UK ahead of US in 4G speeds

UK ahead of US in 4G speeds

The speed of the UK's 4G network is currently ahead of a number of other countries, including the US.

That is the finding of a new study, which has also warned that download speeds in the US are falling at an alarming rate, leaving it ranked 15th out of the 16 countries examined, with average data rates dropping to 6.5Mbps from 9.6Mbps per second.

In comparison, the UK recorded average speeds of 17.3Mbps, ahead of France, Germany, Mexico and Japan among others.

Researchers claim that the disappointing figures for the US stem from the fact that many of the country's networks have almost all performed poorly in terms of speed.

T-Mobile recorded the best data rate at 11.2Mbps, while AT&T reached 8.9Mbps, Verizon 7.6Mbps, and Sprint 4.2Mbps.

The study from OpenSignal used the data gathered from the six million users of its speed testing app and focussed on their experience of download speed and the proportion of time spent with LTE access.

It stated: "Looking at coverage goes some way towards mitigating the USA’s poor speed performance.

"The USA performs well on our coverage metric, with the average user experiencing LTE coverage 67 per cent of the time, with Australia, the fastest country, on 58 per cent."

Researchers also said that carriers with more users tended to have slower speeds.

"This is the reason that some countries have improved since our last report a year ago, while others have worsened," the report said.

Although the averages for many of the 16 nations largely remained the same, there were noticeable improvements for both Australia and Japan, with speeds increasing by 42 per cent  to 24.5Mbps and 66 per cent to 11.8Mbps, respectively.

That increase saw Australia come top of the pile, yet the US suffered the biggest decline, with average speeds tumbling 32 per cent to 6.5 Mbps, the second slowest global average.