Turn to VoIP to avoid expensive EU calls

Turn to VoIP to avoid expensive EU calls

Business is now worldwide and many companies in the UK have begun trading and accessing new markets in Europe.

The continent provides a host of opportunities, but a new study has indicated that the costs associated with sending staff to these markets could be hefty, particularly when it comes to spending on telecoms.

Often staff will use landlines in a bid to cut down on mobile costs, but this could be a mistake as there is a 773 per cent difference between the lowest and highest call charges.

Lithuania currently offers the lowest tariffs, while calls in the Netherlands are the most expensive.

According to Neelie Kroes, vice president of the European Commission, the problems is down to each nation and telecoms firms within them charging individual prices, rather than creating a Europe-wide tariff.

Ms Kroes explained: "It is critical for the whole EU to move quickly to build a real single market to achieve a truly connected continent."

The EU report noted: "These price differences cannot be explained by differences in quality, differences in the cost to provide the service, or by differences between countries in consumer purchasing power."

The EU has pledged to investigate the disparity between member nations, but it could take some time to resolve, so businesses expanding their operations may wish to consider a move towards cheaper communication alternatives.

One of the lowest cost solutions is voice over internet protocol (VoIP) services, which run calls over the internet rather than through traditional copper landlines.

This process is much cheaper and simply requires an internet connection, which are becoming more widespread around the world. It is also reliable and high-quality, which means employees can communicate easily from all over Europe, and the world.

At a time when budgets are tight, businesses are looking to expand into new markets abroad and staff are working from a variety of different locations, VoIP provides a great solution to boost efficiency and drive down expenditure.