Top tips on avoiding ‘bill shock’

Top tips on avoiding ‘bill shock’

Many businesses are struggling to keep track of their data usage, which can result in "bill shock" when the time comes to pay for the service they are being provided with.

Ofcom has promised to take action to prevent the high bills some businesses are faced with, but until then there are some simple tips firms can implement to keep fees at a level they can cope with.

Recent figures indicate that smartphone users are downloading more than ever before and the levels are only expected to grow.

To prevent bill shock it is vital that businesses inform their employees of the benefits of using Wi-Fi services where possible, using a data counter to keep track of usage and not using unnecessary applications abroad.

Ofcom is supporting proposals to extend the EU Roaming cap to the rest of the world, which would contribute to reducing the impact of bill shock on businesses that travel the world to meet clients and colleagues.