Top BYOD concerns revealed at IP EXPO

Top BYOD concerns revealed at IP EXPO

There is no doubting the popularity of the bring your own device (​BYOD) trend for many businesses, but security remains an issue for many IT departments.

It is still seemingly an important point of consideration for many professionals, with a David Chen, the product marketing manager at Aruba Networks, using the recent IP Expo 2015 event to talk about the challenges faced by IT departments in ensuring their employees remain both agile and secure.

At the event, he argued that digital-savvy employees often found themselves wanting to connect to work and have access to important documents wherever the year, meaning they often connect to insecure networks and make themselves vulnerable to hackers.

The solution, according to Mr Chen, is to place restrictions on the types of documents that can be access by workers and the types of devices that can connect to corporate systems.

Physical security is also an important area of concern. For instance, if an employee loses their smartphone, they risk private or potentially damaging data either being lost or falling into the wrong hands.

While it's hard to prevent company devices being lost, there still has to be security measures in place to ensure that data itself remains secure.

When it comes to mobile devices, Mr Chen claims companies need to understand precisely who their users are and what devices they are connecting with and what applications are running. As a result, companies can start to profile the behaviour of users within the network, making it easier to spot any suspicious activity.