Three tells Lords data roaming charges are ‘unjustifiable’

Three tells Lords data roaming charges are ‘unjustifiable’

Mobile phone provider Three has spoken to the House of Lords to decry data roaming charges as being far too high.

The operator argued that it had to pay other providers in different regions varying rates depending on where its customers went, which led to many receiving shock bills for data usage.

Julie Minns, head of public policy at Three, said that the company is forced to pass on the cost to users, so Three does not make a loss with the networks they are roaming into.

She called for a far simpler, single rate for Europe, perhaps a continental rate, which would put an end to shock bills for business users.

Bob Warner, the chair of the Communications Consumer Panel, said: "They probably undercharge for data in the UK and overcharge abroad. You get used to having data at very low rates in the UK and so develop certain usage habits and then go abroad and get bill shock."

The European Parliament recently ruled on new caps for data roaming charges across the EU, dropping it from 80 cents per megabyte to 50 cents.