Third of mobile workers hack unsecure Wi-Fi for work

Third of mobile workers hack unsecure Wi-Fi for work

With homeworking continuing to grow as a trend, more and more employees are looking to use Wi-Fi to cut down on their data usage costs.

This has become such a vital element of working from home that 29 per cent of people admitted to hijacking an unsecure Wi-Fi network in a recent Mobile Workforce Report.

Rene Hendrickse, iPass EMEA vice president, explained that Wi-Fi is more important than it was previously.

As a result, he suggested firms are increasingly trying to "leverage Wi-Fi wherever possible, as it's [cheaper] and more predictable than 3G roaming fees".

However, the practice of using unsecured Wi-Fi networks can be dangerous for many businesses that allow flexible working or BYOD.

"IT is losing control – how can they support all of that with security and roaming? So it's a pretty challenging task for IT for now," Mr Hendrickse said.

He also revealed that BYOD is showing no signs of slowing down as more and more business users are working on their own tablets and smartphones.