The Priv could be the most ‘complete’ BlackBerry phone ever

The Priv could be the most 'complete' BlackBerry phone ever

The BlackBerry Priv is one of the most hotly-anticipated smartphones of the year, attracting the interest of traditional fans and newcomers alike.

Perhaps the first Android smartphone to offer the security that comes with BlackBerry, this device could potentially be the ideal solution for enterprise and personal users, particularly in the bring your own device (BYOD) era.

As well as combining the power of both brands, users will also receive free 24-hour support, which can be used to guide them through any issues they may experience.

There are also a number of great physical features that will help users get the most out of their experience.

BlackBerry's physical QWERTY keyboard has become something of a trademark, but the firm has seemingly recognised the popularity of other systems by giving users the choice between tradition, or what it calls "best-in-class virtual keyboard".

Touch-sensitive keys enable easy scrolling and cursor control, which again makes it ideally suited to the needs of personal and business users.

Staying in touch with the information you need has never been easier, with the Priv's flashing red indicator light, BlackBerry Hub and BlackBerry Pop-Up Widget, which aims to make it easy for users to swipe for what they need.  

While ease-of-use is certainly a key part of what makes a successful smartphone. Battery life is often a cause for complaint for many.

BlackBerry claims the 3410 mAh battery provides enough power to withstand up to 22.5 hours of mixed use, which places it strongly alongside competitors such as Apple and Samsung.

The Priv, which certainly seems to represent a brave new step into the unknown for BlackBerry, could be a gamble that pays off, according to a number of experts.

A review in Wall Street Journal earlier in November claimed: "A few performance issues aside, the Priv is the first BlackBerry in years that I have loved using—and that I can recommend."

This may well be the start of what initially seemed an unlikely comeback.