The iPhone 5 rumour mill cranks into overdrive

The iPhone 5 rumour mill cranks into overdrive

As is always the case ahead of the release of a major smartphone or tablet device nowadays, the rumour mill has moved into overdrive, with constant speculation about what is to come.

Apple is due to release the next device in its iPhone stable in the coming months, with an announcement expected from the Cupertino giant on September 12th.

The launch of the new iPhone, which the majority of people are calling the iPhone 5, is expected just nine days later on September 21st. To make some sense of the numerous rumours out there we have taken a look around and come up with the features we think will be included in the new device.

There have been a host of shots doing the rounds in recent weeks, with many of the leaked images being reported as fact.

From all of the information on various tech websites, it is almost certain that the new iPhone will be taller than its predecessor's 4.5 inches and that it will feature a four-inch screen, half an inch larger than the 3.5-inch display in the 4S.

Other changes to the hardware seem to include a relocation of the headphone socket, from its current position on the top of the smartphone to the bottom. The dock connector is also expected to change to a 19-pin connector that the majority of leaked images are showing.

This move has caused consternation among Apple fans as it means new chargers will come with the smartphone that will not be able to double as iPad or iPod chargers and USBs.

Another major and important change is Apple's move away from the glass back that has frustrated consumers. This will be replaced by the more robust solution of aircraft-grade aluminium.

Boosting the RAM and adding faster processors goes without saying, as this is the basis for any new device, and the new iPhone will certainly boast near-field communications (NFC) technology to compete with Android devices and 4G/LTE connectivity like the iPad 3.

The SIM card is another area that Apple has always taken the lead on and this device is expected to be no different. The firm made the transition to Micro SIM cards in previous iterations of the iPhone, but it now looks to be pushing ahead with Nano SIM cards. It has been working furiously on the technology in recent years and looks set to debut it in the sixth generation of its smartphone.

When it comes to software, Apple is also expected to make a host of changes and has already confirmed the introduction of iOS6. With the Cupertino giant already confirming the end of its agreement with Google over its mapping technology, a new Apple mapping function is a certainty.

The Facetime feature is also expected to be available over 3G and Wi-Fi, instead of the current situation where it is Wi-Fi only. This could see data usage increase in the months after the release as people explore their new device.

Passbook is one of the major additions to the software on the new iPhone, which is Apple's equivalent of Google Wallet, allowing users to keep boarding passes, loyalty cards and discount vouchers all in one place. An overhaul of safari, phone applications and the mail application has also taken place.