Tablets leading to greater productivity

Tablets leading to greater productivity

Mobile workforces that decide to use tablet devices are likely to benefit from an increase in productivity, new figures have suggested.

A study from technology analyst group VDC Research found that tablets were capable of offering a 40 per cent rise in productivity, as well as a 30 per cent increase in customer satisfaction.

The use of tablets has become very popular for a number of companies, many of which have decided to implement more policies designed to encourage mobile working, such as bring-your-own-device (BYOD).

However, despite the obvious benefits, some IT managers have warned that there are still some precautions for firms to undertake if they are to avoid any potential problems in terms of security, management time and cost.

According to research an average of 128 minutes per worker is lost in downtime, while every one per cent increase in device failure equates to a five per cent gain in total cost of ownership.

David Krebs, vice president of VDC Research, said: “The value of these mobile solutions is in their gift of time – both from a workforce productivity and multiplier perspective and also in their ability to provide workers with the time to drive more engaging customer interactions. But the fact is that there is not a one size fits all tablet solution and decisions should focus on identifying the solution that provides seamless time to value while balancing upfront costs with ongoing cost of ownership and support.”

In order to combat any potential issues with tablet adoption, such as ensuring that businesses have a thorough understanding of the conditions within which tablets are used in order to find the best solution.

It also adds that accessories for tablets should never be overlooked. Many tablet solutions are supported by third-party accessories, which can often lead to substantial upfront costs, while also presenting the potential for failure.