Tablet PCs making inroads into corporate IT

Tablet PCs making inroads into corporate IT

The proliferation of tablet computers within businesses is continuing to grow as more organisations take part in the bring your own (BYOD) trend.

Forrester Research, the US-based IT consultancy, has estimated that the global business and government purchases of the Apple iPad will grow by as much as 68 per cent this year.

Jeff Orr, group director of consumer research at ABI, said that the pattern in the tablet market is similar to that witnessed in the smartphone industry.

"Apple and Samsung have demonstrated staying power while other tablet vendors ebb and flow like the tide," he added.

Enterprise-ready PC tablets may have particular appeal in the retail sector, but it has been noted that the devices could have further appeal to the wider business market, with flexible working one of the major benefits.

However, firms looking to incorporate the devices into their organisation should also consider mobile device management software, which can reduce data loss should devices be lost or stolen.