Survey finds 4G is ‘too expensive’

Survey finds 4G is ‘too expensive’

The launch of 4G in October last year was met with a poor response from professionals using the technology as many felt it flattered to deceive.

The recent auction completed by Ofcom and seven successful bidders means that the service will be a lot more widespread in the coming months, but it seems that this is still not going to allay fear from business users.

More than a third (38 per cent) of people responding to a uSwitch survey said taking advantage of super-fast mobile broadband is "too expensive".

This figure is up from 31 per cent back in October, and the main concern, highlighted by 69 per cent of those questioned, was that they would go above and beyond their data connection.

However, the survey did note that something positive has come out of the protracted 4G auction, which was run by Ofcom, as now 72 per cent of those involved in the survey knew what 4G was, an increase from 47 per cent in October.

However, the price concerns do not seem to be putting businesses off making use of the technology, which makes working on mobile devices more efficient, as 48 per cent of those questioned are considering investing in a 4G-ready mobile when their current contract runs out, compared to 32 per cent when 4G launched.

EE has been slammed for its high prices in the past, but at the time many businesses were forced to pay as it was the only way of accessing the network in the UK.

This is set to change in the coming months, as the service is set to become more widespread as Vodafone is set to launch its new technology in the coming months, alongside O2 and Three.

Vodafone did very well from the 4G auction earlier this year and a study conducted by Analysys Mason found that the firm has the most valuable 3G and 4G spectrum in the UK.

The company claimed the current value of 3G and 4G spectrum in the UK is approximately £6.9 billion, with Vodafone currently owning a portfolio over £2 billion.