Sony Xperia Z earns watertight reviews

Sony Xperia Z earns watertight reviews

The new Sony Xperia Z could prove to be the smartphone industry's latest challenger to the podium, which is currently dominated by Apple and Samsung.

The device, which will be shown off in all of its glory at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) event at the end of February, has already received a host of positive reviews, with a number of its business-friendly features proving popular.

Its standout character is the fact that it is water resistant. While this will not allow you to type out a text message while underwater in a swimming pool, it will give you a chance of saving your device if you accidentally drop it in the toilet or sink.

A review by The Independent explains that all the holes on the device, which includes slots for the battery charger, SIM card and headphones, are covered by plastic flaps which clip neatly in to place.

The Xperia Z will also work on the 4G network, which is ideal if you need fast internet browsing or wish to download files from the cloud as part of your BYOD policy. At the moment this is only possible through EE, but it will also be compliant on other networks once other network carriers are ready to launch the service.

Some of the other features which have impressed reviewers include the excellent battery life. Bearing in mind it is powering a quad-core processor, five-inch screen and Android operating system, users will be pleased to get a day's activity out of one charge.

Furthermore, there is also a Stamina Battery mode which will keep the device running while shutting off power-hungry features such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and mobile data.

Along with that five-inch screen – tapping in to the current trend for large smartphone devices – the Sony Xperia Z could prove to be a big hit among the business community.