SMEs continuing to overlook BYOD security

SMEs continuing to overlook BYOD security

A number of threats associated with implementing a bring-your-own device (BYOD) are still being overlooked by small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), experts have claimed.

Riaan Badenhorst of Kapersky, claims that many SMEs simply do not have the resources needed to truly get a hold of security, leaving it to often be overlooked.

He added that many SMEs go further by thinking that many threats are unlikely to have an impact on their firm, making them less likely to report attacks or investigations.

A report from Kapersky Lab claims many employers see little or no issue with employees using their own phones for work purposes, despite many workers believing mobile security to be the responsibility of their employer.

Badenhorst says SMEs would often rather spend their budget on other ‘priority'-based aspects for their company than on BYOD security.

Simon Campbell-Young, chief executive officer of Phoenix Distribution, says many SMEs are overlooking BYOD threats because they don't feel they have anything of worth to cybercriminals.

However, he told IT Web: "The very idea that some companies might be too small to attract the attention of cybercriminals is absurd."

Indeed, the headlines have been dominated by cases of data theft or malicious attacks in recent years, and experts warn that any sloppy attitudes towards security are inviting unwanted attention.

However, simply acknowledging threats is not enough. Companies have to ensure that a culture of security runs all through its workforce.

Employees need to be aware of what their responsibilities are and understand the risk of using their own devices within the workplace.