Smartphone security ‘not tight enough’ for business users

Smartphone security ‘not tight enough’ for business users

Research conducted by Altimeter Group, Bloor Research and Trend Micro has revealed that many smartphones are still ill-equipped to meet corporate security demands.

Nigel Stanley, security practice leader at Bloor Research, said that security professionals are "scared witless" by consumerisation and the rapid adoption of mobile devices that are designed for consumers rather than business users.

The report on the security of smartphones noted: "Against the growing, unstoppable backdrop of consumerisation and BYOD, every mobile device is a risk to business."

It also highlights the fact that some platforms have evolved to cater to the needs of businesses while other have remained very much consumer-focused.

Apple's iOS was praised in the report for its security, as all corporate applications and data can be 'sandboxed' in a common memory environment.

Analysts also revealed that recent versions of Android have improved features such as device encryption support, but it remains "widely exposed to malware and data loss".

The reports concluded that IT security managers should consider using Android, but should probably "limit its use to the least sensitive mobile roles".