Smartphone sales help Samsung’s profit soar by 41 per cent

Smartphone sales help Samsung’s profit soar by 41 per cent

Samsung's success with its impressive range of smartphones has seen its profits climb by a huge 41 per cent during the first quarter of 2013.

A net profit of 7.15 trillion won (£4.2 billion) was recorded, along with an operating profit rise of 54 per cent from a year ago. Sales of handsets, which include the Galaxy S3 and Note and Ace, were up by 16.8 per cent at 52.9 trillion won.

According to Gartner, Samsung now has a 22 per cent share of the smartphone market, putting it ahead of Nokia (19.1 per cent) and well ahead of Apple's 7.5 per cent figure.

And with Apple announcing that it has seen its first drop in profit for the first time in ten years, now could be the time for Samsung to take charge, particularly with the launch of the Galaxy S4 on the horizon.

So what has made Samsung's phones so popular among consumers, and in particular within the business world?

Well, quite simply  at the time of launch the Galaxy S3, which was Samsung's flagship phone until the announcement of the S4, was one of the most powerful and advanced handsets available. Business-friendly functions such as multi-tasking, email, voice recognition and the latest Android operating software proved a hit.

A quad-core processor ensured that speed was guaranteed when carrying out tasks. Storage solutions were also catered for, with a MicroSD slot for on-board expansion to the 16GB hard drive. Furthermore, access to cloud storage applications such as Google's Drive or Dropbox meant that employees could get hold of shared company data whenever they had an internet connection.

While supply issues have hit the launch of the S4, don't be surprised if Samsung takes another bite out of Apple when the phone goes on sale around the world. It comes with a five-inch screen (up from 4.7 inches), which will display in 1920×1080 full HD.

A rumoured eight-core processor didn't make the cut, but a quad-core 19GHz model is included to boost the power, while 4G mobile connections will provide access to high-speed internet, video and VoIP on the go. NFC technology is also included to allow for use of a Visa payments app, which should make this device the next best business phone.