Simple steps can help you avoid smartphone threats

Simple steps can help you avoid smartphone threats

As the proliferation of smartphones continues at a pace and more and more businesses encourage workers to use the devices for enterprise reasons, the number of malware attacks is increasing.

Tony Neate, chief executive officer at Get Safe Online, said that there are a range of simple measure to make sure a smartphone remains safe and secure.

He noted that the devices are becoming a "goldmine" for identity fraudsters thanks to sophisticated forms of malware, so he advised protecting a phone with a PIN or password.

"Remember to be vigilant whenever you are accessing the web. For smartphones, there are simple steps you can take to avoid rogue apps and other threats. The only way to protect yourself is to take responsibility for your own security."

A recent Information Commissioner's Office survey found that 65 per cent of British adults now hand on their old phones, computers and laptops to another user, with some containing sensitive information.