Samsung overtakes Nokia in smartphone sales

Samsung overtakes Nokia in smartphone sales

Samsung Electronics has taken over from Nokia as the world's largest seller of mobile phones, after announcing its first quarter results.

Research from Strategy Analytics, revealed that the South Korean giant sold a total of 93 million phones in the first quarter of this year, compared to Nokia's 83 million.

The results mean Nokia is off the top spot in the mobile phone market for the first time since 1998, when it took the reins from Motorola.

Robert Yi, head of investor relations at Samsung, claimed that maintaining competitiveness in the mobile phone industry was the key to continuing the success.

The company has enjoyed great success with its Galaxy range of smartphones, which have proved popular with businesses.

Samsung's IT and mobile communications division, responsible for all the company's smartphones, made an operating profit of £2.3 trillion in the first quarter.

As well as taking the top spot in terms of mobile phone sales, Samsung was also revealed as the leading handset manufacturer, just ahead of Apple.