Samsung ordered to pay Apple $1bn

Samsung ordered to pay Apple $1bn

A jury in the US has ordered Samsung to pay Apple $1 billion (£665 million), as it ruled that the Korean firm had utilised innovative technology used by the Cupertino firm in its iPad and iPhone devices.

Apple had demanded $2.5 billion in the patent infringement lawsuit, which has been ongoing since April 2011.

Jurors decided against some of Apple's claims involving the two dozen Samsung devices at issue.

However, it agreed with some of Apple's claims, finding that some Samsung devices used the "bounce-back" feature when a user scrolls to an end image, and the ability to zoom text with a tap of a finger.

In the closing arguments at the trial, Apple attorney Harold McElhinny claimed Samsung was having a "crisis of design" after the successful launch of the iPhone.

"Today's verdict should not be viewed as a win for Apple, but as a loss for the American consumer. It will lead to fewer choices, less innovation, and potentially higher prices," Samsung said.

A Samsung appeal is expected against the ruling.