Samsung looks set to launch Galaxy S IV next year

Samsung looks set to launch Galaxy S IV next year

Smartphone manufacturer Samsung looks set to surprise the industry with the introduction of the successor to the Galaxy S III just nine months after its release.

Reports citing sources close to the firm have stated that the South Korean firm will take the wrapper of it S IV model at the Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona in February 2013.

The tech company is hoping that the launch of the thought of the device coming to the market in March next year will lead to business users holding off buying the new Apple iPhone 5.

Samsung's strategy is further evidence that the fierce battle between the two firms, which has been played out in court recently, is showing no signs of calming down.

The firm has been quick to attack the Cupertino firm's new device, publishing a newspaper advertisement in the US detailing the features present on the rival smartphones, indicating that its product is the superior model.