Samsung Galaxy Note 7 performance praised

Image: -aniaostudio- via iStock

The reviews are in for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and they are overwhelmingly positive, with PC Advisor calling it “almost flawless”.

With a 5.7 inch screen, it is one of the biggest smartphones currently on the market. It looks very much like the Galaxy S7 Edge, with the only real difference being that the Note 7 is slightly bigger.

The screen’s display makes use of Samsung’s Super AMOLED, with the Guardian calling it one of the best available. It is a Quad-HD panel, with 518 pixels per inch.

The Note 7 has the capability of working up to 1.5 metres deep in freshwater for 30 minutes. The new device comes with a stylus, which is twice as sensitive as the Note 5’s and works underwater. This could be a benefit when the device has to be used in the rain.

Business users dealing with sensitive information would be interested in the new security feature: an infrared iris scanner. As with a fingerprint scanner – something that the Note 7 also offers – it prevents anyone but the registered owner from unlocking the phone. The International Business Times reported that the system works well, unlocking the device very quickly.

The Note 7 runs on Samsung’s Exynos 8890 processor and possesses 4GB of RAM. It comes with 64GB of storage capacity, which can be expanded to a huge 256 with a Micro-SD. The device can be charged wirelessly and quickly, according to a number of reviews.

Samsung has said that the Note 7 is about 30 per cent faster than the Galaxy Note 5 and has a 58 per cent better graphical performance. Alphr backed this up, saying that its own testing showed this to be largely accurate.

Power saving features are installed on the Note 7 and the upcoming Nougat release will improve upon these, with the new and better version of Doze. The battery life has already been praised by reviewers, lasting up to 24 hours with normal use.

Altogether, the Note 7 reportedly offers significant improvements upon already impressive Samsung devices.