Samsung expected to delay Galaxy S8 announcement

Samsung expected to delay Galaxy S8 announcement [Image: George Clerk via iStock]

Samsung is expected to delay the announcement of its upcoming Galaxy S8 until after the Mobile World Congress show in February 2017.

With Samsung typically using the trade show to show the world its new devices, this marks a change in normal procedure for the company.

It follows the recent recall and end to production of the Galaxy Note 7, a huge dent to the reputation of the electronics manufacturer.

However, with reports that Samsung is working on its own artificial intelligence (AI) personal assistant, it appears that the firm is trying to win back customers that may have looked elsewhere after their Note 7 batteries started exploding.

There are differing reports on when the new S8 will be released, with the Daily Mail saying that will likely be in March and the Wall Street Journal saying that it could be April.

Despite the uncertainty over the release date of the S8, it is sure that Samsung will be using the time it has to make sure that it provides a flagship smartphone that offers what users are looking for.

It is currently thought that the personal assistant – Samsung’s version of Apple’s Siri or Microsoft’s Cortana – will receive a dedicated button, which could ensure that it works more efficiently than being summoned by voice.

At the present time, it is believed that the Samsung assistant could be called Bixby

It has previously been reported that Samsung could expand its personal assistant service to home appliances and wearable tech. One of the few comments the firm has released on the personal assistant is that it will allow people to use third party services seamlessly.

The Tech Times suggested that Samsung is now introducing a personal assistant – something it has avoided until now – because of its problems with the Note 7. The addition of a personal assistant could help introduce “advanced functionality and help Samsung rebuild consumer confidence after the massive Note 7 flop,” according to the Tech Times.

Because AI is expected to be part of the “next frontier of computing,” more companies are integrating it into their devices, says It is believed that Samsung will not want to be left behind by not incorporating its own AI assistant into its future devices.

Tech insiders also predict that the S8 could do away with the home button entirely. It has been mentioned that Samsung could build the fingerprint sensor into the display itself, with some suggestions that it could be placed behind the tempered glass. The display could also stretch to cover the entire phone, with no bezel featured.

It is also thought that the upcoming Galaxy S8 will feature a dual rear camera, of 16MP and 8MP. This would be an advantage over Apple’s latest offering, the iPhone 7, which offers a rear camera that can make use of 12MP.