Samsung exec claims possible April release for SIII

Samsung exec claims possible April release for SIII

There has been a great deal of speculation surrounding the release date for the Samsung SIII, but now an executive at the firm has given the biggest indication yet that it will be launched in April.

The news comes from the Samsung Forum 2012 in Beijing where Samsung's chief executive for its China division, Kim Young-ha, said that Samsung is considering moving the release of the handset from May to April.

"In order to increase sales of the Galaxy SIII as well as the Galaxy Note which is already very popular in China, the company is considering rescheduling the rollout of the Galaxy SIII from May to April."

The announcement is the biggest indication of the arrival of the device, which is rumoured to be launching with a quad-core Exynos 4412 processor and 2GB of RAM.

A Super AMOLED screen is also rumoured as well as inductive charging technology, which would likely mean putting a Galaxy SIII on or next to a charging pad would supply it with power.