Samsung continues Apple battle with anti-iPhone 5 ad

Samsung continues Apple battle with anti-iPhone 5 ad

Samsung has poked fun at the new iPhone 5, which it believes is not as good as the Galaxy S III.

Samsung looks set to continue is fierce battle with Apple through a range of newspaper advertisements comparing the new iPhone 5 and the Galaxy S III.

The advert in question features an image of the two smartphones, with the iPhone facing downwards and the Galaxy S III upwards, showcasing its high-quality screen.

It also features the slogan: "It doesn't take a genius", before listing the range of features present on each of the flagship devices.

The advert ends with: "The next big thing is already here," no doubt poking fun at the amount of hype surrounding the release of the Cupertino firm's latest device.

Samsung has listed 27 features within the advert which the S III offers, while alongside it highlighting 13 things the Apple iPhone 5 will offer consumers.

It looks as if the long running battle between the South Korean firm and its US rival is set to continue and grow even fiercer on the back of the iPhone 5 launch.