Samsung and Apple start patent talks

Samsung and Apple start patent talks

Smartphone manufacturers Apple and Samsung have started talks in a bid to end their copyright battle which has been played out in courts around the world.

In the past 12 months the firms have clashed repeatedly over which invented or has the right to use particular technologies used in smartphones and tablets.

A judge in the US ordered the firms sit round a table and discuss their issues as a way to cut down on the plethora of legal proceedings that are beginning to clutter courts around the world.

In legal filings, Apple claims that Samsung has used many of its patented technologies in its smartphones and tablets without getting the proper licences or permissions and the Cupertino firm has attempted to ban the sale of Samsung devices in a number of nations.

Samsung however has claimed that Apple has violated patents that it holds on third generation (3G) mobile technologies, and has urged judges around the world to bans iPhones.

It seems that an end to the litigation could be a dream as Samsung's mobile boss JK Shin told Reuters that the two firms were far from agreement.