Samsung accuses Apple of violating patents

Samsung accuses Apple of violating patents

Samsung has turned the tables on its rival Apple by accusing the California-based tech firm of violating three of its patents.

The pair are currently in the third week of a complicated trial, but the South Korean firm came out all guns blazing with an attack on the Cupertino firm.

Dr Woodward Yang, an electrical engineering professor at Harvard, said Apple's products used Samsung-patented features for mobile devices, including the process for seamlessly emailing photos.

Mr Yang focused on a number of patents that cover a host of smartphone features and one of Samsung's designers also testified that she did not rely on the icon designs used by Apple when creating the South Korean firm's icons.

Apple accused Samsung of copying the design and some features of its iPad and iPhone products and is asking for a sales ban and monetary damages.

The pair have been battling each other in court rooms around the world as they look to establish themselves as the dominate force in the tablet and smartphone markets.