Rise in tech creates ‘anywhere worker’

Rise in tech creates ‘anywhere worker’

The rapid increase of smartphones and tablets being used in UK businesses has led to the creation of the 'anywhere worker'.

According to a study conducted by Siemens Enterprise Communications, 85 per cent of mobile devices used for communication with colleagues are being used outside the workplace.

This highlights how employees are making delivery of work from different locations across different platforms a reality.

Two-fifths of UK organisations have also indicated they intend to deploy cloud technology this year in a bid to further boost flexible working practices and collaboration with employees working away from the office.

Rob Keenan, head of UK portfolio management, deployment readiness management at Siemens Enterprise Communications, said that the rise of the anywhere worker may mean the end of the traditional nine-to-five office employee.

"The rise of the anywhere employee has meant the end of the office worker. Business tools, such as UC, are reshaping the way organisations collaborate and are helping deliver on the previously-too-difficult promise of enhanced communication."