RIM promises ‘reinvented’ BlackBerry 10 devices

RIM promises ‘reinvented’ BlackBerry 10 devices

The new BlackBerry devices running the BB10 operating system have been in the pipeline for a number of months, but the launch date moved a step closer as Research in Motion (RIM) sent out invitations to the unveiling of the devices.

Members of the press were sent invites to an event in Now York City.

"Re-designed. Re-engineered. Re-invented," the invitation read, before adding: "The world is waiting but you can see it first."

As well as the new and improved operating platform, RIM has promised a host of new smartphones, with at least one coming with a dedicated QWERTY keypad and one that relies completely on touch-screen technology.

Thorsten Heins, the chief executive of RIM, has spoken of his excitement around the new devices and OS (operating system), championing the time and effort spent on adding innovation to the products.

As well as the media, some major companies have been given a sneak preview of the new smartphone lineup, with 120 firms in the US already testing the capabilities of the devices.

Richard Piasentin, managing director of RIM's US business, confirmed that beta testing had begun, which are focused on the touch-screen model, a design that's less familiar to many corporate customers than the traditional Qwerty keyboard version.

"We're keenly targeting the launch of our touch-screen device and we want to bring that experience to our clients," he said.

Mr Piasentin added that the companies that are testing the new devices have agreed to implement the hardware into their infrastructure when the time comes.

RIM recently got some good news from the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, which said last week that it will test the new devices and software, even though it was planning to spend $2.1 million on purchasing more than 17,000 Apple iPhones for staff.

The announcement indicates that companies and major governmental organisations still believe that BlackBerry devices provide better data security measures than their rivals on the market at the moment.