RIM hints at possible 4G support for BlackBerry devices

RIM hints at possible 4G support for BlackBerry devices

Research In Motion (RIM) is all too aware of how important 4G networks will be to businesses in the future.

So much so, that vice president of sales at the firm, Bob El-Hawary, said it would play a key role in the future of smartphone technology thanks to its ability to deliver faster and more reliable internet speeds than 3G did.

With this viewpoint in mind, many experts are predicting that the next generation of BlackBerry devices will offer 4G LTE support.

He told the Westminster eForum seminar last week: "4G helps us keep up with the standard people are expecting. We believe it will help us embark on a new era of mobile computing. It's not just about voice now but apps; it really is mobile computing.

"The speeds we are talking about are very important compared to what we had in the past."

While it is not confirmed that the new BlackBerry smartphones will offer 4G, it is clear that RIM is aware of the need for it, particularly when it comes to the importance for business users, which are the foundations the firm was built on in the first place.

"With Blackberry 10 we want to ensure all products – tablet and smartphone – are good enough to support any app or service people want," Mr El-Hawary added.

RIM is set to launch its new devices at the end of January 2013, and many believe 4G compatibility will be included, in a bid to continue competition with Apple and Samsung.

By January, Ofcom's auction process for the UK's 4G network will be well underway, with the likelihood that Vodafone and O2 will be increasing the internet speeds they offer by the end of the first quarter of 2013.

This will give businesses a greater choice of network operator, as currently EE is the only UK firm to operate the technology, following Ofcom's decision to allow it to launch earlier than its competitors.