RIM files patent for tablet with concealable keyboard

RIM files patent for tablet with concealable keyboard

Research In Motion (RIM) looks set to transform the tablet marker in the near future after filing a new patent for a mobile device featuring a concealed keyboard.

The patent describes an electronic mobile device with "a first housing, a second housing rotatably coupled to the first housing and a concealment cover at the rear of the first housing".

Basically it means that when the owner's urge to use physical buttons becomes overwhelming, the keyboard swings into action and relies on the cover as a kickstand.

It removes the need for BlackBerry fans to carry around a separate keyboard or specialised case to hold the extra.

The news will no doubt delight die-hard BlackBerry fans who love the use of a keyboard rather than the QWERTY keypads of the latest touch-screen devices.

Despite RIM's desire to continue with the physical keypad, it recently revealed it would be introducing six new devices next year, with at least one a complete touch-screen model.