Public sector urged to embrace cloud technologies

Public sector urged to embrace cloud technologies

Flexible working and the use of personal devices for enterprise purposes is a trend that has been growing rapidly in recent years, with private sector firms taking the lead and embracing innovations in technology.

The use of smartphones and tablets, along with the use of cloud technologies has transformed many businesses, but research has indicated that the public sector is lagging behind.

With this in mind, Socitm has published a briefing urging firms within the sphere to adopt flexible working and the use of the cloud.

The organisation noted that although 97 per cent of companies are adopting the trend there are significant barriers and hurdles in place.

Chris Head, author of the briefing, said: "Despite these barriers, public service organisations should push ahead with flexible working where the conditions are favourable.

"Technology enables all of this. Personal devices are smaller, lighter and more powerful. Mobile access is near-ubiquitous and set to reach 98 per cent of the population. Security issues are largely solved apart from behavioural problems that lie outside the control of technology."

The briefing noted that one of the main concerns when embracing the trend and the cloud, particularly for public sector organisation, is the fact that the trend can lead to a loss of human contact within a department.

This was followed by worries about the management culture and style within the sector and job insecurity concerns, as some employees prefer to be present to have their contribution noted and valued.

Flexible working: Going in reverse? gave some credence to recent comments from Juan Carlos Soto, senior vice-president and general manager of cloud integration, Informatica, who noted that organisations in the sphere are still lagging behind their private sector colleagues.

"Putting data in the cloud doesn't automatically put a public sector organisation's IT systems at risk. The public sector should be prudent in the design of its IT systems and recognise that cloud data integration is critical to success," the expert noted.