Patent for iPhone 8 hints at wraparound display

Patent for iPhone 8 hints at wraparound display

The concept of curved smartphone screens may well have been a concept previously reserved for manufacturers of Android handsets, such as Samsung and LG.

But that's not to say Apple, so often at the forefront of innovative and cutting-edge design, is a stranger to the concept, with the company linked to such a device as far back as 2011.

Now has claimed that Apple has brought itself a step closer to releasing what would be its own version of a double-sided Samsung Galaxy Edge.

The main difference between the proposed design of the iPhone 8 and its Samsung counterpart is the fact that Apple's version will not contain edges to its wraparound display, instead flowing round the device as a whole and not in segmented parts.

Buttons that were traditionally at the side, including a volume slider would be controlled through the touchscreen, while reports suggest there will be no home button either, which could usher in the use of gesture-based actions to get to the home screen.

Cynics may well argue that the usefulness of these features is questionable, but there is little doubt that such a design would be seen by the Apple hierarchy as an exciting step forward in terms of design.

Given that the idea is still at the patent stage, there is no guarantee that it will actually reach the market, but even if it does it will still face some stiff competition.

Both Samsung and Lenovo are thought to be exploring the possibility of foldable smartphones, which could open up another world of possibilities for users.