Password protection is key

Password protection is key

The growth of the bring your own device (BYOD) and flexible working trends is leading to businesses opening themselves up to the risk of data beaches and losses.

However, Andi Hindle, director at Ping Identity, has said that the password can still have an impact when it comes to keeping sensitive corporate information secure and safe.

"It is possible to make a password that is so difficult to electronically guess that [cracking] it would take an untold [amount of] time."

He noted that the hardest passwords to crack are longer ones made up of around four separate words with no obvious link.

Therefore, when putting together a BYOD policy within an organisation, it is important to inform employees using their own devices away from the security of the office to implement this measure.

It could be the difference between an embarrassing data breach or cyber criminals getting sick and tired of trying to crack a code.

The remote wipe facility offered by mobile device management software is also another way to increase security as devices that are lost or stolen can be cleaned of sensitive data.