Overcoming the challenges of mobile working

Overcoming the challenges of mobile working

There has been a noticeable trend in companies adopting a more flexible attitude to working habits, with an increasing number of businesses recognising the benefits of allowing the use of cloud services and practices such as bring-your-own-device.

Many businesses adopt these methods in order to take advantage of various benefits on offer, including higher rates of productivity and efficiency, as well as reductions in downtime.

However, it is more or less impossible to implement such an approach without a detailed and cohesive company-wide policy as your infrastructure may otherwise be left vulnerable to security breaches and higher levels of downtime.

An ideal mobile strategy enables workers to access corporate data from any location, without compromising on productivity.

However, there are a number of challenges in need of being overcome in order to make this a possibility.

For instance, a business needs to first decide what devices can be used to successfully cater to the professional and personal demands of your workforce.

The constantly changing nature of hardware in the smartphone and tablet market means that your network is likely to often see the arrival of a number of new devices, especially when implementing a BYOD strategy.

Such an eventuality means that firms will either need to outline a list of approved devices that should be used by employees, or else ensure that the right mobile device management software.

As the number of mobile workers in an organisation expands, there is a need for businesses to deliver certain applications that will help get the most out of your employees.

Arguably the most important areas to address are the issues of data security and accessibility as they are likely to have the biggest impact on a corporate network and are perhaps the most important areas of mobile working,

And although mobile working allows for employees to access corporate data from almost any location, there are still going to be occasions when workers cannot find a reliable internet connection. It is therefore advisable for firms to make provisions that allow employees to work remotely.