Over half of Android smartphones have security flaws

Over half of Android smartphones have security flaws

More than half of the Android smartphones on the market have security flaws that could be exploited to take control of the device, a new application has found.

The X-Ray app, which was launched by Duo Security to monitor the security on Android devices, found that more than 10,000 phones from the sample of 20,000 had security issues.

Duo Security co-founder Jon Oberheide, a well-known Android security expert, even went as far as to say that the estimate was a conservative one considering the number of devices running Google's operating system.

Unlike virus-scanning software, which scans for malicious apps, X-Ray finds known flaws that haven't been patched.

"Carriers are very conservative in rolling out patches to fix vulnerabilities in the Android platform; users' mobile devices often remain vulnerable for months and even years," Mr Oberheide said.

Experts have claimed that the problems suffered by the Android operating system are down to "haphazard" way it is updated.