Over a fifth of British workers not taking responsibility for data security

Over a fifth of British workers not taking responsibility for data security

Despite the threat to data security being one of the hotly discussed issues facing many businesses, many of which have also adopted mobile working practices such as bring-your-own-device (BYOD) strategies, cloud computing others.

One of the greatest fears preventing more organisations from adopting such an approach is the perception that data is not safe. Yet with an adequate mobile device management (MDM) strategy many analysts agree that such concerns can be eliminated.

However, according to a recent survey conducted by data security specialist Absolute Software, over a fifth of employees (23 per cent) still do not believe that data security is their concern and that those higher up in the organisation should take responsibility.

And yet, 69 per cent of workers believed that businesses found guilty of losing an individual's data should be prosecuted.

However, it's not just the UK's workers that have taken a surprisingly lax view towards data security, as 30 per cent claimed that if they did end up losing data on their devices, they would not be punished by the superiors.

Another third claimed that the security procedures being implemented by their employees were either moderate or altogether inadequate.

The findings will come as a blow to many firms, especially during the current trend of workers using their own devices for work purposes. Indeed, 29 per cent of employees claimed that they use their smartphone in the workplace on a regular basis.

Vice-president of global marketing at Absolute Software, Stephen Midgley, said: "The speed with which BYOD has landed has meant corporate IT has barely been able to keep its head above water and the results of the 2013 Mobile Enterprise Risk Survey show that for most organisations it's a struggle not only to educate employees on device security, but also to provide basic support to its staff."

He added that it was crucial that  businesses create a strategy to protect against the damage caused by mobile device theft and data loss.