Operators blocking VoIP could lose mobile users

Operators blocking VoIP could lose mobile users

Mobile operators that block users from using VoIP services on their devices are risking losing more than 18 million British smartphone users.

According to a new survey conducted by Opinion Matters for Rebtel, up to 60 per cent of smartphone users confirmed they would switch networks if VoIP applications were blocked by their network provider.

Just eight per cent of respondents to the study believed that operators had the right to limit access to VoIP calls.

The report also revealed that across Europe around 20 per cent of smartphone users experience some VoIP restrictions, with operators only allowing customers on certain tariffs to make the calls.

Almost three-quarters of the people surveyed admitted that they did not know why an operator may take steps to limit VoIP on smartphones.

Logan Abbott, president of Voip-Info.org, recently noted that the universal availability of the internet will make VoIP technology particularly important for businesses.