Ofcom to make extra 4G bandwidth available

Ofcom to make extra 4G bandwidth available

Although 4G has only been in Britain for a short amount of time, with competition in the market being no older than a few months, it seems that there are already plans for it to grow it even further.

Both Vodafone and O2 are to look at increasing the pressure on their previously unchallenged rival EE, by enhancing the level of coverage around the country.

The levels of future growth have arguably been made possible thanks to the fact there is more bandwidth available than ever before.

There was a concern at the moment  that one of the main impacts of Vodafone and O2 extending their 4G service to so many is that the airwaves will become increasingly crowded.

The use of extra bandwidth will mean that networks will soon be able to offer a high speed connection, no matter how many people sign up.

Extra bandwidth has been made possible by the Ministry of Defence releasing a significant chunk of its spectrum for commercial use, with 190 MHz set to be made available for Ofcom to sell, which is roughly 75 per cent of the amount recently auctioned off in February 2013.

Not only will this extra bandwidth be available to networks, but it will also be up for grabs to any other parties that take an interest.

Ed Richards, chief executive of Ofcom said: “Over the next decade we will see a revolution in the way people connect to the internet, driven by the ability to wirelessly access the internet at superfast speeds.

“4G is likely to open up a new wave of wireless innovation that will deliver considerable benefits to society and the UK’s digital economy.

“This development will also place huge demands on the UK’s wireless infrastructure. Releasing MoD spectrum onto the commercial marketplace is an important step in helping to meet this extraordinary demand.”

Ofcom expects the spectrum to be awarded in the financial year of 2015-16.