Ofcom decision to see 4G-enabled smartphones hitting UK market

Ofcom decision to see 4G-enabled smartphones hitting UK market

Ofcom's recent decision to allow Everything Everywhere (EE) to launch its 4G network ahead of its competitors will see a host of new devices hitting the UK market.

With the new superfast mobile broadband expected to be up-and-running in a matter of weeks, there is the potential that the new iPhone, due later this year, will boast 4G connectivity.

Unlike the launch of the new iPad, which claimed to be 4G ready, the next generation smartphone will be able to connect to the new EE network to improve internet speeds.

Other manufacturers, such as Samsung, HTC and Nokia, already have 4G-ready devices working abroad where superfast mobile broadband is prevalent.

These versions are almost certainly set to hit the UK market in the coming months as more and more people look to boost their internet connectivity.

EE's rivals are thought to be unhappy with the decision, but Ofcom has said the need to keep pace in the race to build a digital economy, won out over such competition worries.

"The UK has lagged its European counterparts on this for too long which has led to questions about its technological leadership in recent months," explained Kester Mann, an industry analyst at CCS Insight.