O2 network fully restored after fault

O2 network fully restored after fault

Mobile network provider O2 has said it has fixed the problems that left hundreds of thousands of its customers without access to their voice and data services.

A statement from the firm read: "Our tests now show that all our 2G and 3G services have been fully restored for affected customers.

"If any customers are still having problems we recommend they turn their phone off and on again."

The announcement came 25 hours after the problems were first raised with the firm and was followed by an apology to all customers that were impacted by the downtime.

O2 is yet to reveal what caused the issues its network suffered, although it has narrowed down the problem to the part of its infrastructure that deals with the registration of telephone numbers.

Experts are predicting that the most likely reason for the failure of the network is a software issue.

O2 is not the only network operator to be experiencing problems at the moment as France Telecom's mobile company Orange suffered a similar failure last week.