O2 4G coverage reaches 500 towns

O2 4G coverage reaches 500 towns

UK mobile network O2 has announced that its 4G coverage has reached 500 towns across the UK.

It represents something of a remarkable rise for the company, which first launched its mobile broadband service in London nearly two years ago.

Launches in Leeds and Bradford quickly followed in what the firm boasts was the fastest network rollout ever.

The last Ofcom report on the subject put O2 second only to EE in terms of coverage, covering two thirds of the country's population, putting the wheels firmly in motion for its target of providing indoor coverage to 98 per cent of the country by 2017.  

Despite the success of its 4G network, O2 insists it is only one part of its overall strategy for modernising operations.

In an official blog post, Telefonica's chief technology officer, Brendan O’Reilly claimed: "We decided at the start of the journey that we were going to totally modernise all our networks – so that everyone would continue to get a brilliant experience when making a call, sending a text or using the internet on their mobile or tablet."

He added that upgrades to O2's 2G and 3G networks are already underway, with the firm aiming to enhance both services with "latest, most advanced technology".

Upgrades include making masts capable of carrying even greater volumes of voice and data traffic, as well as making them more suited to withstanding to extreme weather.

Mr O'Reilly claims the move will ensure customers benefit from better quality calls, as well as faster and more reliable data sessions.

He added: "We’ve also done a huge amount of work to modernise our core network as part of this transformation. This is the central part of our network – the central nervous system if you like! Over the past 18 months we have implemented state of the art technology and taken out single points of failure which means our network is much more resilient to faults."