Nokia launches ‘most innovative smartphone in the world’

Nokia launches ‘most innovative smartphone in the world’

Finnish mobile phone manufacturer Nokia has launched the Lumia 820 and 920 at an event in New York.

The 920 will be the new flagship device for the brand and has been described by Jo Harlow, senior vice president of smart devices at the firm, as 'the most innovative smartphone in the world'.

It will feature a curved 4.5-inch touchscreen using Synaptics technology, which means that users will be able to operate the touchscreen with their nails or while wearing gloves.

The device is also set to run on Microsoft's new Windows 8 operating system, a feature that Nokia hopes will set it apart from Google's Android devices and Apple's iOS system.

Nokia has also included wireless charging with the model, meaning users will not need to carry plugs with them wherever they go, just the firm's new charging pad or pillow.

The launch of the new device did not go off without any hitches however, as the firms share prices dropped ten per cent during the announcement, and eagle-eyed bloggers spotted that its advert detailing the ability of the camera was faked.