Nokia and Microsoft partnership ‘will work’

Nokia and Microsoft partnership ‘will work’

The recent deal struck between Nokia and Microsoft, which is still in its infancy, will benefit both firms in the long-run, according to one industry expert.

Nokia agreed to use Microsoft's Windows Phones operating system on its smartphones after it lost major ground when its own system, Symbian, proved to be unsuccessful.

Shahpur Azizpour, editor of, said that the Windows Phone operating system is very "impressive, innovative and consistent".

"The partnership between Nokia and Microsoft will pay off in the long term, as Microsoft has a great product and the deep pockets to become the number three – after Android and iOS," added the expert.

He added that Nokia's decision to differentiate from other Android phones "was not a bad decision", particularly as Microsoft is committed to getting back into the mobile business.

The move is part of Nokia's desire to regain top spot in the mobile phone market, after Samsung deposed it from the top of the sales charts, making the Korean firm the largest mobile phone provider in the world.