No evidence that mobile phones damage health

No evidence that mobile phones damage health

A major safety review of smartphones has found that there is still no evidence that using the devices regularly damages human health.

The review was conducted for the UK's Health Protection Agency (HPA), and involved hundreds of studies into mobile exposure and found no conclusive links to cancer risks, reduced brain function or infertility.

It is the biggest ever review of the evidence surrounding the safety of mobile phones and comes after research revealed that there are now an estimated 80 million mobile devices in use in the UK.

Professor Anthony Swerdlow, who chaired the review group, said it was important to continue monitoring research.

"Even though it's relatively reassuring, I also think it's important that we keep an eye on the rates of brain tumours and other cancers," he said.

Currently, the evidence does not go beyond 15 years in the majority of cases as most people did not start using a phone until the late 1990s.